Massage for Healing and Balance
Jed McKee, Massage Therapist
I graduated from the Brenneke School of Massage, Seattle, 1996 and have been practicing massage in the Philadelphia area since 1998. I am a Professional member of AMTA (, and have my Pennsylvania Massage License. I provide Full Body (table) Massage at my home studio on Baltimore Avenue near 47th (shared space, with cats) I also provide Chair Massage for public and private events in the Philly area. My preferred modality is myofascial release, a deep tissue technique which releases restrictions in the connective tissue, particularly those due to old injuries. I am familiar with Swedish and relaxation techniques as well. My primary concern is responding to the needs of the tissue, in consultation with (and education of) my clients. I have also been running since November of 2008.

Contact Information
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Phone : 267-243-3841
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PO Box 23787
Pennsylvania - 19143